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Master - Jedi Master or Microsoft Certified Master

I've just read a blog post pointed to new Microsoft Certified Master program. It seems that MCA is too high and to generalized but MCPD, MCIT Pro are not enough high...

Here are the tracks so far:
  • Microsoft Certified Master: Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Certified Master: Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Certified Master: Office Communications Server 2007
  • Microsoft Certified Master: Office SharePoint Server 2007
Where is the dev one?

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  • Per Farny (MS)

    6/14/2008 3:12:48 PM | Reply

    My name is Per and I'm responsible for the Master programs at Microsoft. In terms of "Where is the Dev one?", we do not have one on the roadmap yet, but will be looking to add programs in the future.

    In terms of why we are coming to market with it: it's really just in line with every other certification we put out: we want to provide the appropriate certification to the appropriate audience. In this case, the primary audience is specialized consultants, or anyone who spends the majority of their time designing, building and troubleshooting solutions built on a particular product. So, it's not a matter of one being 'better' than the other, it's just answering to demand from this somewhat niche audience.


  • Galcho

    6/19/2008 1:57:25 PM | Reply

    Hi Per!

    Thank you for giving this clarification.
    AFAIK MCA certification targets these people who are leading industry toward and it is not tied to a single product or vendor. Having put things in this way we wouldn't expect to have MCA certificate expired Smile as it stands by for decade(s) of experience in IT and cannot be invalidated easy.

    In other hands as you say there is demand for somethign in the middle - experienced enough people (to design solution with specific product) but without that broad knowledge in IT and management as MCA but in specific area. My understading is MCM program is tied to specific product and *version*. This gives me the feeling that the MCM will lose it's value when new version of the product is released. Having in mind the product version lifecycle is 3 years this would put a lot of load of those who wants to have their cert for the latest version.
    Without knowing updgrade plans I would suggest to consider something like MCT & partner program - initial exam and then constant track requirements - like client references.