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Microsoft DevDays 2008 in April

The registration for the biggest annual event for developers in IT pros in Bulgaria is open. It will be held in International Exhibition Center - Sofia, Bulgaria. For second year in row it is paid event but the price is very low for the knowledge one can gain - it is just 50 EUR.

I am going to present two sessions: LINQ to XML - Data Access Technologies and IIS7 for Administrators.

If you're particularly interested in some details drop me a line and I will try to cover it. In case it is too specific to present we can chat after the session.

Almost forgot: The event will take place at April 24th and 25th 2008.

See you there!

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  • dragosh

    3/31/2008 1:16:42 PM | Reply

    I am interested in this event but I am from Romania and I do not know if the sessions are in english or not. And if they are in english can you point me please to the registration page in english?


  • Galcho

    3/31/2008 1:45:45 PM | Reply

    Hi Dragos,
    I am glad you're interested in this event.
    AFAIK this event is focused on Bulgarian IT community and this is why the regsitration website is in Bulgarian only (I wasn't able to find English section).
    Foreign speakers (David Sceppa, Jason Beres, Lorenzo Barbieri - I hope I haven't missed someone) will provide their sessions in English but Bulgarian speakers will deliver their in Bulgarian (at least this was the format in past 4 years)