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So, what's new in .NET 2.0?

That's right! There is new stuff in .NET 2.0 SP1 libraries and you should know about changes in red bits because there will be MethodMissingException exceptions if you deploy solution developed with VS 2008 with .NET 2.0 as target framework and deploy it on machine with .NET 2.0 (without SP1).

Scott Hanselman created a nice compilation with changes.

Note: this do not affect existing solutions at all because of .NET framework compatibility policy unless you've taken an advantage of fixed bug. In this case you should test affected components (UPDATED in order to include valueable comments from Daniel Moth)

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  • Daniel Moth

    2/20/2008 1:34:40 PM | Reply

    Please note that red bits changes (SP1) can actually affect existing solutions. Compatibility was a design goal but fixing bugs was also a design goal. So if your existing code takes advantage of a bug that is now fixed, then your existing code will break on an SP1 machine. I tried to stress this on my blog.

  • Galcho

    2/20/2008 8:58:14 PM | Reply

    Thank you, Daniel! It is good stress. As you could read I was not got it very clear. I will update the post.