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VS 2008 and .NET Feature Specifications

Feature specifications are posted on MSDN so everyone who is interested how to write specifications or how looks like specifications inside Microsoft can take a look at Feature Specifications for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 in MSDN. All documents are in XPS format.

Technology Area

Feature Specification

Developer Tools Plaform

Command Bar Improvements

MSO File Dialog Removal

File Tab Channel Improvements

IDE Navigator

MSBuild Multi-Targeting

Object Browser Support for New Language Features

Segoe UI Font Support

Tool Window Docking Targets

Tool Window Frames and Tabs

VS Color Service and VS Gradient Service: Vista Palette Addition

Windows Framework Support in Object Browser and Find Symbol

Menu Improvements

Splash Screen Improvements

Pseudo Multi-targetting

Updated Branding

Visual Studio Proxy Service

Visual Studio Settings Migration

Visual Studio for Devices

eVC: VS2005 Migration

Visual C++

Friend Templates


.NET Framework Multitargeting in Visual C++

Versioning of Visual C++ Libraries


Dialog Templates

File Dialogs

Marshaling Library

MFC Support for Common Controls

Scope Reduction in VC Libraries

UAC for VC

Vista Common Controls

Network Class Libraries

Internationalized Resource Identifier Functional Specification


VSTO & VSTA Project Upgrade


Dynamic Programming Model

Office Workflow Tools


Uninstall Wizard UI

UI Frameworks


Partial Page Rendering

Visual C#

Mapping Format


.NET Compact Framework

Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.SystemSettings Extensions

Team Architect

Support for Web Application Projects

Architectural Roles

Enterprise Developer

ASP.NET AJAX: Debugging Breakpoint Mapping

ASP.NET AJAX: Script Explorer in Solution Explorer