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Astoria become ADO.NET Data Services

Julie Lerman posted some news from DevConnections and Mike Flasko (PM at Astoria, err ADO.NET Data Services team):

  1. The official name is ADO.NET Data Services
  2. Pure XML won't be supported nor Web3S. Supported formats will JSON and ATOM.
  3. LINQ to Astoria :)

there are few more points in original post too. It seems ADO.NET Data Services  is close to production.

Here are some posts I wrote about working with Astoria

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  • Martin Kulov

    11/19/2007 2:12:33 AM | Reply

    Isn't it ADO.NET Data Services, not ASP.NET ...?

  • Galcho

    11/19/2007 9:02:45 AM | Reply

    sorry, my fault Smile I was writing this after digging around big ASP.NET project
    thanks, mate