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Hands-on Lab: Silverlight 4 Line of Business Application using WCF RIA Services


screenshot1_2 If you want to dive in Silverlight 4 RIA services for Line of Business apps – there is your hands-on-lab (~31 MB). There is no more struggle, watching videos to see how to trigger some things. Thanks to Swiss MSDN team who developed 108 pages :) hands on lab manual – both in PDF and DOCX.

These features are implemented in the lab:

  • True multi-tier architecture.
  • Entity framework and service layer definition.
  • Data filtering, paging, sorting and grouping.
  • Data modification and validation.
  • Foreign key management.
  • Projections.
  • Programmatic printing from a Silverlight application.
  • COM interop with Microsoft Excel and running full-trust out-of-browser.

Prerequisites and used components:

Optional Components

The hands-on lab manual has detailed instructions on installing all the prerequisites.

Great job Swiss MSDN team