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How big is .NET Framework!?

.NET Framework become a blockbuster right after it's release for many reasons. Part of them are:

  • good architecture
  • unified dev style independent from the application type
  • consistent API
  • constantly improved APIs and libraries that solves most common tasks and minimize doing same thing over and over again (take for example writing WinForms application with VC++ 6.0 - there you had to write code for the window and buttons; you had to call a method just to move data from variables to UI controls and vice versa)

This comes with the price - the price of the size!

3-4 year ago it was possible for one to cover all aspects of dev types. For instance I still have no time to ramp up with .NET 3.0 (WF, WCF, WPF, Cardspace) although I had some basic ideas about it but still nothing in production. The funny part is that I am very acknowledged with .NET 3.5 (even wrote a tutorial ;) )

Is it huge or I am getting old???

This is how big is .NET Framework in numbers:

I feel this when beginner devs are asking me where to start from.

Thanks, Brad for this interesting info! Brad Abrams asked in his post: "Any guesses on how many types will be in .NET Framework 4.0?"

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  • Martin Kulov

    3/20/2008 2:15:52 AM | Reply

    I knew that it is not only the age that is making my catch up so hard Smile
    Thanks for the info!