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IIS7 supports media streaming through new module

IIS7 team released a new module that will optimize the work and bandwidth usage of media serving sites

Imagine this scenario - a client connects to your video site, clicks on your featured video, watches 5 seconds of it to realize they have no interest in watching further, and move on to the next video.

In those 5 seconds, the server could have sent out 5 minutes worth of the video, and you paid for 5 minutes worth of bandwidth. With the bit-rate throttler + media bitrate detection, the server would only end up sending a little over 5 seconds worth, and you would end up paying only for what was used.


Download links:
- 32 bit -
- 64 bit -

Read full blog post of the daddy of this project.

Update:ScottGu posted a more detailed post on his blog covering this module with some screenshots

The below whitepapers describe how to enable and use it more: