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MS Word 2003 menus in Word 2007

There was a lot noise about new Office 2007 User Interface and the Ribbon. Many people had difficulties getting used to new ribbon although after initial confusing it is quite easy to use.

For people who learned Word 2003 and feel in calm waters when see menubar we decided to start new project. This project is in its CTP and we haven't decided if we want to finish it yet.

The project utilizes Riboon to create good old menus in Word 2007. It would look like this:

Word 2003 Menus

We have some functionality implemented in menus already :).

I will be glad if you vote For or Against such initiative (By clicking on comments[x] link below ).

Thank you in advance

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  • Paul

    1/22/2007 10:46:55 AM | Reply

    I think it is not that bad idea.
    I vote FOR