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Pricing before 300 years and now

As I am gradudated bachelor of Management I am interested in management and economics as well as software industry

I read this interesting article where pricing expert Tom Hunter analyzes the 300 year-old pricing scheme that the majority of video games use and make some suggestions.

MCSD.NET achieved

I am very busy lately and this is why I succeeded in scheluding the last (and on of easiest) exam for MCSD.NET so lately.

I planed to take it in begining of year but... you know... NOT (not of time) problem.

I placed new goals ahead

  • MCDBA for SQL server 2005 - luckuly there are not exams yet
  • MVP program - I am thinking about become MVP - it is relatively new and it is vary valuable in employers' eyes

Bye for now

I will try to keep my blog much more alive now

Microsoft Office 2000 (v. 9.0 ) .NET Interop

I had to develop an application that uses Office components. I went to as hope this would help me in using MS Office objects. As I am with Ms Office XP on my development machine I had no problems.

The problems arised when I had to start testing whole application. As an requirement we support MS Office 2000 and my application should work on it.

Unfotunately there is quite big diffrence between these two version of Office systems and my program broke.

So I created this Office 2000 Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs). Office2k PIA.exe (449.48 KB)

For more information about Office PIAs go on MSDN.


I have finally found time to prepare for exam 070-320 Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with MS C# .NET and the MS .NET Framework. I got this exam and I am MCAD.NET
I need one more (very easy for me ) exam for MCSD.NET - it is 70-305: Developing and Implementing Web Applications with MS VB® .NET and MS Visual Studio® .NET that I am going to get it in begining of year 2005.