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Visual LINQ

LINQ is a nice way to write a more readable code but sometimes it is diffucult to understand the actions and the order they happens.

Visual LINQ project would give you an idea (watch the screencast of Visual LINQ in action) :

So for this query

VisualSource<string> words = new VisualSource<string>
    (new[] { "the", "quick", "brown", "fox", "jumped", 
             "over", "the", "lazy", "dog" }, 
     canvas, "words");
var query = from word in words
            where word.Length > 3
            select new { Word = word, Length = word.Length};
pipeline = query.End(); 

you will see similar screens:

Download source code.

(For more detailed info read Jon Skeet's blog post Visual LINQ: Watch query expressions as they happen!)

'Hawaii': A Visual Studio Paradise for Developers?! C# 4.0?

After it ships the "Whidbey" and "Orcas" versions of its popular Visual Studio tool set, Microsoft Corp.'s Visual Studio development team is headed for "Hawaii."

Hawaii is the code name for a version of Microsoft's Visual Studio tool set two versions beyond Whidbey, also known as Visual Studio 2005, according to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans. Hawaii will be a completely redesigned tool set, aimed at taking developers well beyond current capabilities, the sources said.

Although Microsoft had been using the names of Pacific Northwest islands, such as Whidbey and Orcas, to code-name new versions of Visual Studio, developers chose the code name Hawaii because it takes developers much further than the other two versions and also because the team plans to celebrate redesigning the IDE (integrated development environment) in Hawaii, sources close to the company said.

(from the Live Spaces blog post and a bit more info here)

Also here are some news about C# v4.0: C# will have dynamic lookup - this is what VB devs call "late binding".

MS MVP Jon Skeet compiled a good list of mistakes in C# design in past releases. Although nice summary of important additions we cannot blame C# Team for not having all goodies in v 1.0